In the News: "What the ‘Gainful Employment’ Rule Means for Colleges"

“The Chronicle editors and reporters describe the impact of the Education Department’s controversial new regulation—and what’s likely to happen next with it.”

A softened final version of a controversial new “gainful employment” regulation, released Thursday by the Education Department, has both Wall Street and Capitol Hill buzzing. One financial analyst has called the rule “a decisive victory” for the for-profit college sector, while a student advocate described it as “a disappointing stumble on America’s path toward regaining the global lead in college attainment.”

Chronicle editors and reporters Brad Wolverton, Kelly Field, and Goldie Blumenstyk discuss the impact of the new regulation and what’s likely to happen next with it.

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Federal Program Integrity Regulations and ACCET’s Review and Evaluation of Clock Hours/Credit Hours

On April 21, 2011, ACCET sent its accredited Title IV institutions an Important Update – Program Integrity Regulations and ACCET’s Review and Evaluation of Clock Hour and Credit Hours alerting them to new and revised policies, documents, applications, and forms approved by the ACCET Commission in April 2011 to address the regulations pertaining to the definition of credit hours and clock-to-credit hour conversions. These documents were developed/revised in response to the requirement that ACCET review and evaluate the reliability and accuracy of credit hours assigned to courses and programs by vocational Title IV institutions for financial aid purposes.

The notice includes the following: Section I. Background (Federal Credit Hour Definitions and Clock Hour-to-Credit Hour Conversion; Considered Options for Institutions; and ACCET’s Role); Section II. New/Revised Policies, Documents, Applications and Forms; and Section III. Detailed Description of New and Revised Documents.

Additionally, ACCET has compiled a resource center with information regarding these regulations, for the benefit of its member institutions.

Program Integrity Webinars

ACCET is sponsoring three different webinars on the Program Integrity Regulations as a free service to its Title IV member institutions. Because of the challenge of fully understanding the new federal regulations and complying with them by the July 1, 2011 effective date, we strongly suggest that both School Directors and Financial Aid Directors participate in the workshops to be conducted by Kris Strom, Choice Consulting & Training Services, Inc. and Peggy Tiderman, Executive Director of DCI Career Institute. In order to attend the webinars, please register online.