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AMS Frequently Asked Questions

What is AMS?

AMS stands for Accreditation Management System. AMS is the online portal through which you’ll interact electronically with ACCET to complete change requests, accreditation applications, ASERs, annual reporting, 28.1 Completion and Placement data, and more.

How can I begin using AMS?

ACCET sent login credentials to the administrative point of contact for all accredited institutions following the 2010 Annual Conference. If you are an institution that is new to ACCET and would like to inquire about accreditation, please sign up for an AMS account and complete an initial inquiry form online. If you are an accredited institution and do not have login credentials to AMS, please contact ACCET to have an account established.

I'm interested in becoming ACCET-accredited, how do I submit my initial inquiry?

If you are an institution new to ACCET and would like to inquire about accreditation, please sign up for an AMS account and complete an initial inquiry form online.

What is the cost to submit my initial inquiry?

Please see our Accreditation Process page and ACCET Document 10 – Fee Schedule for more information about the initial inquiry process, including associated costs. When you’re ready, sign up for an AMS account and complete an initial inquiry form online.

ACCET has approved my institution to begin initial accreditation, how do I submit my application through AMS?

Log in to AMS and click the “Start Initial Application” link on the left side of your dashboard. From there, you can complete each section of the application, upload supporting documentation, and submit it to ACCET.

Do I have to complete the entire application at once or can I save it and return to complete it later?

You can save any part of an in-progress application at any time, and return later to edit and re-save as needed. Once it’s ready, you can review the final version and submit it to ACCET.

My institution's grant of accreditation expires within 1 year, how do I complete my Application for Reaccreditation online via AMS?

Once your grant of accreditation expiration date is within 1 year out, AMS will automatically enable a “Start Reaccreditation Application” link on the left side of your AMS dashboard. Simply click on it and complete each section of your reaccrediation application and submit.

How do I complete my ASER online through AMS?

Once you start your initial or reaccreditation application, a new section will appear on your dashboard under your application called “ASERs”. You’ll have links to an ASER for each campus specified on your application, which you’ll complete separately and submit to ACCET.

How do I upload my ASER exhibits?

For each question on the ASER for which supporting documentation is either required or optional, there will be an “Add Supporting Document(s)” link below that question. Simply click that link and click the “Select File” button. You’ll be presented with a window where you can choose a file from your computer. Choose the file and click “Open” and the file will be uploaded to AMS and associated to that question. If the same exhibit is used on another question, you’ll need to re-upload that exhibit to the other question as well.

How does the Completion & Placement module work in AMS?

Accredited institutions can complete their completion & placement statistics by clicking the “Completion & Placement Statistics” link from the left menu on your dashboard. To add a new month, simply use the row of fields at the bottom under “Add Statistics”. Once you save that month’s data, it’ll be visible in the top table of data. You can edit a particular month of data by clicking “edit” next to the month row. ACCET cannot see your completion & placement data until you attach a particular stored “snapshot” of data to a particular document you’re submitting (e.g., application, ASER, etc). This is intentional as we want you to use AMS to track your completion and placement on an ongoing basis for your own benefit without concern that ACCET is looking over your shoulder at your statistics. Not until you actually save a snapshot and attach it to a document and submit it is ACCET able to view your C&P data. This gives you the power and privacy to leverage AMS to track your C&P data to for your own benefit on an ongoing basis, and makes it easier for you to send ACCET your C&P data when needed.

I've saved my Completion & Placement data. How do I associate it to a document (e.g., an ASER)?

Once you’re ready to associated your Completion & Placement data to a particular document, you’ll first need to create a ‘snapshot’ of your C&P data so you can create a point-in-time snapshot of your data for sending to ACCET (remember ACCET can’t see your in-progress C&P data, only ‘snapshots’ you save and submit with documents). To do this, click on “Completion & Placement Statistics” on the left side of your dashboard. Next, on the right side of the screen just above the table of C&P data, there is a ‘Store’ button. Clicking that button will save a ‘snapshot’ of your C&P data for that program/campus/year/mode combination. You’ll need to save a separate ‘snapshot’ of your C&P data for whichever programs ACCET is requesting C&P data for. Once this ‘snapshot’ is saved, it’ll be available for attaching to documents via a list of C&P data snapshots on the document/question where C&P data is asked for (e.g., ASER > Completion & Placement section).

I've finished filling out my ASER on AMS, but I can't find the submit button.

Once you’ve completed the ASER, be sure to double check each standard to verify that each has been responded to. The submit button will appear on the dashboard once each standard has a response. A quick check to see which standards are missing responses would be to click through the standards and note which bubbles are not filled in or are partially filled in. These indicate that responses are missing for this standard.

If you’ve verified that each response is in and you’re still not finding the submit button, please contact us at