Finding a School

To find a school or determine if a school you are interested in is ACCET accredited, please search our Member Directory.

Transfer of Credit

ACCET seeks to protect students’ interests by requiring its accredited institutions to establish and implement fair and equitable transfer of credit policies. ACCET cannot guarantee that an institution will transfer credits.

As a prospective student wishing to transfer, consider the following before you enroll at a new school:

  • What is the school’s transfer of credit policy and the evaluation process?
  • Does the school only accept credits from a specified list of schools?
  • Who will evaluate my credits?
  • Will I be required to take a proficiency test?
  • What is the maximum number of credits I can transfer?
  • Often institutions will only allow you to transfer a certain number of credits
  • Are there a minimum number of classes I will need to take in order to graduate from the transferring institution?
  • How will my tuition reflect the transfer of credits, if at all?
  • What documentation will I need to provide?

All ACCET accredited vocational institutions must meet the following minimum transfer of credit requirements:

  • The transfer of credit policy must be written, published in the catalog and other relevant publications, and made available for all current and prospective students
  • The policy must include:
  • The steps and criteria that will be utilized by the institution when making decisions related to transfer of credits earned at another institution of higher education
  • A list of any institutions of higher education with which the institution has established articulation agreements
Filing a Complaint

If you have an issue with an ACCET accredited institution, please attempt to resolve the complaint through any feedback channels that may exist at the institution. If that fails, you can file a complaint with ACCET.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I go to an accredited school?

Institutions that are accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the Department of Education have voluntarily submitted to an evaluative comparison by their peers with established qualifications and standards, and have demonstrated that they are in compliance with the Standards for Accreditation, both upon initial application and at regular intervals thereafter.

How can I find an ACCET-accredited school in my area?

You can search our Member Directory for accredited schools near you.

Does the school I want to attend offer federal student grants or loans?

Search our Member Directory for the school you are interested in, and check to see if the school is listed as Approved for Title IV. If so, then students at that school can apply for federal grants and loans.

What is the process for filing a complaint against a school?

When problems arise, students should make every attempt through the formal complaint procedure within the institution to find a fair and reasonable solution. However, in the event that a student has exercised the channels available to resolve the problem(s) by way of the institution’s formal student complaint procedure, and the problem(s) have not been resolved, the student has the right and is encouraged to file a written complaint with ACCET.

Please refer to ACCET’s complaint policies for more information.