TO:  Primary Contacts, ACCET Member Institutions
        ACCET Commissioners
        ACCET Staff

FROM:  Dr. Bill Larkin, ACCET Executive Director

SUBJ:  Nomination Process for Institutional Commissioner Opening

Dear Colleagues,

We will be electing an Institutional Commissioner by way of nomination and election at the annual conference in Pueblo, New Mexico this October.  Our by-laws call for the establishment of a Nominating Committee to consider recommendations forwarded by the membership.  This Committee is being appointed by Res Helfer, our commission Chair, and will begin to review candidates at the August 2016 Commission meeting.

Accordingly, you are encouraged to recommend possible nominees for consideration by the Nominating Committee via email to me ( and these suggestions must reach me by Friday July 22,  2016.  Self-nominations are also in order.  A brief biographical sketch or resume of the candidate would be helpful as would your personal comments on the nominee. The Nominating Committee will follow up on all suggestions prior to nominating a candidate to stand for election at the annual conference.

I thank you in advance for your participation in this process.