May 2017

Welcome to spring as many schools shift to summer programs and formats.  We had an excellent April Commission meeting that included some long-range focusing and updating regarding current events here in Washington and worldwide.  We continue to see many challenges for our intensive English program schools and have experienced a modest decline in the number of branch campuses some of the bigger organizations are carrying.  Meanwhile, smaller IEPs are doing their very best to keep their heads above water.

The expected positive impact (and forecasted de-regulation) from the new administration as it relates to for-profit career colleges has not yet been realized.  The Department of Education has been slow to re-organize and numerous holdover appointees and career civil servants appear to still be marching to the same beat established during the last eight years.  Being realistic, a little over one-hundred days of a new administration does not provide enough time for “trickle down” to the agencies, but early signs for positive change have been minimal to date.

Interest in ACCET accreditation from ACICS schools seeking a new home has been significant.  We have moved very methodically on these applications and our scrutiny has been extensive.  Despite unrealistic timelines that are in government statute but, as of now, need to be followed, the Commission and staff are seeing that all steps expected of initial applicants are taken.  A number of these applying institutions are complex in size, offerings and history, hence, a pace that some might define as tedious, is necessary.  I will keep you posted on developments. Meanwhile, the court case relating to ACICS is approaching and decisions stemming from that adjudication could, once again, change the landscape of this issue.

Here is the ACCET office, we have welcomed Cristina Rodarte back to the fulltime staff after a two-year hiatus and we are fortunate to re-gain both her expertise and enthusiasm. Simin Xi’s title has been changed to Database Coordinator to better reflect her current duties and Christina D’Antoni’s title has been altered to that of Administrative Assistant and Events Coordinator to better portray her current activities. Congratulations to all!

The annual ACCET Conference is shaping up nicely and San Antonio will be a terrific site for our activities in early November.  This is an important professional development opportunity for our members, not to mention the informal learning, networking and interaction with exhibitors that occurs at our conference.  Although budgets are tight this year for many, please make every effort to be with us for this re-energizing opportunity. 

As always, best wishes to all, thank you for your support and here’s to your success!