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Updated ACCET Guidance – COVID-19 Temporary Flexibilities

The Accrediting Commission of the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET) recently reviewed the continuing challenges of COVID-19 and revised the guidance following the December 2020, April 2021, and August 2021 Commission meetings. Upon additional consideration of the emerging challenges and significant impact of COVID-19, the Accrediting Commission voted to keep the temporary flexibilities in place until they are affirmatively rescinded but no later than 180 days following the date on which the COVID-19 national emergency declaration is rescinded. In extending these temporary flexibilities, ACCET
follows the guidance of the U.S. Department of Education and the Student Exchange Visitors Program (SEVP), including the period for temporary flexibilities due to COVID-19.

Click here to view the full September 15, 2022 update to ACCET guidance on COVID-19 temporary flexibilities.

Click here to view the Updated Guidance ( official message to the membership.

Update and Announcement

From: Yadexy Sierra, Commission Chair

Date:  March 22, 2022

Dear ACCET Members:

As we announced last November, ACCET started a search for a new Executive Director. Today, it is my distinct pleasure to announce that the Accrediting Commission has confirmed, with a unanimous vote, the selection of Mr. Res Helfer as the Executive Director of ACCET.

A Search Committee was appointed during the ACCET Annual Conference in November 2021. The committee conducted a comprehensive search process which included 51 applicants, narrowed to 10, then four (4) and finally two (2), resulting in the selection of Mr. Helfer.

Mr. Helfer’s ACCET journey spans nearly 30 years, first as a student at an ACCET accredited school, then an instructor, and ultimately the owner for 20 years. He served as a Commissioner and Chair of the ACCET Commission. Finally, after successfully selling his school, he joined ACCET as a Senior Accreditation Coordinator. Mr. Helfer has participated in numerous site visits to vocational, avocational, and Intensive English Schools. He is widely known and respected by ACCET staff and members and has a deep understanding of accreditation, ACCET standards, and the ACCET culture.

Res Helfer is passionate about ACCET and has an excellent vision for ACCET’s future. The ACCET Commission supports and admires Res Helfer and is confident in his ability to lead the agency for many years to come.

Please join us in congratulating Res on assuming ACCET’s highest role as Executive Director.

The Accrediting Commission also acknowledges and appreciates the leadership that our Deputy Executive Director, Kate Zulaski, demonstrated during the past several months, working together with long-term ACCET staff and collaborators to ensure the continuity of the organization and its service to our members. ACCET is truly A Partnership for Quality®

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ACCET 2021 Conference and Annual Business Meeting Update

After nearly two years of being apart due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ACCET’s 2021 annual conference and annual business meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada was a huge success! It was a welcomed time to come together as a community as we move “Together Towards Tomorrow.”

This year ACCET staff welcomed 223 participants and 58 exhibitors to the annual conference. A special thanks goes to Sandy Lockwood and Darlene Foret for their hard work in making the conference so successful. Additionally, I would like to express my gratitude to ACCET Commissioners, speakers, and staff for their incredible contributions to the success of the conference.

During the business meeting, Dr. Brad Bouté was elected for his first term as an ACCET Institutional Commissioner after completing an appointed partial term. Additionally, Ms. Megan Kobzej and Ms. Haviva Parnes were elected by the members to second terms as ACCET Institutional Commissioners. The Commission confirmed additional terms of service for Ms. Terry O’Donnell, Ms. Sophia Perkovich, and Dr. Timothy Mott as ACCET Public Commissioners, and the terms for ACCET Institutional Commissioners Dr. Donnell Bayot and Ms. Yadexy Sierra were extended for one additional year. Finally, the membership voted to approve several revisions and changes to the ACCET Standards of Accreditation. Additional updates regarding these revisions will be provided in the near future. The revised standards will go into effect in the December 2023 visit cycle.

The closing session of the conference included presentations from the Thomas R. Tillia Community Service award finalists: Asher College, InterCoast Colleges, and Approach International Student Center. The winner of the 2021 Thomas R. Tillia Community Service Award was Approach International Student Center. Congratulations to the management, faculty, and staff of Approach!

In addition to the award announcement, ACCET’s Training and Development Manager and newest staff member, Michael Oswald, announced several new training initiatives to improve training for members, volunteers, and staff. These initiatives include a partnership with MaxKnowledge-powered Online Training Center to bring training and development opportunities to institutions in a variety of areas, such as: admissions, career services, compliance, financial aid, and student retention.

Michael also announced the addition of an eLearning course development software and a learning management system to ACCET operations. The Articulate eLearning authoring software coupled with the TalentLMS learning Management system gives ACCET opportunities to onboard, train, and develop ACCET staff and volunteers. Additionally, the Commission will have the ability to develop specialized trainings for member institutions. We are excited to share these opportunities for training and development with the membership.

Finally, ACCET’s Commission Chair, Yadexy Sierra, announced that Christopher Lambert has resigned his position as ACCET Executive Director for personal reasons. We thank Mr. Lambert for his contributions to the agency and wish him well in the future. A search committee has been formed to identify a new Executive Director. In the meantime, please direct any questions to me at, or our Chief of Staff, Corey Rosso at

Best Regards,

Kate Zulaski
Deputy Executive Director

Temporary Flexibilities FAQ

RE: ACCET Guidance – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Regarding the COVID-19 Temporary Flexibilities

On September 28, 2021, the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET) announced that it had recently reviewed the continuing and emerging challenges of COVID-19 and made a decision to revisit the guidance issued following the December 2020 and April 2021 Commission meetings. Upon additional consideration of the emerging challenges and significant impact of COVID-19, the Accrediting Commission voted to keep the temporary flexibilities that have previously been issued in place until such time as they are affirmatively rescinded but no later than 180 days following the date on which the COVID-19 national emergency declaration is rescinded.

ACCET felt that a running FAQ may help provide collective clarity to membership institutions for common questions.  Below are the questions most asked related to the most recent guidance provided regarding the temporary flexibilities.

Click here to download or view the PDF document containing the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

ACCET Names Corey Rosso Chief of Staff

The Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training (ACCET) is pleased to announce that Corey Rosso will be joining the agency as Chief of Staff. 

In this capacity, Corey will be responsible for providing analysis, coordination, and supervision of all aspects of the organization to facilitate the systematic and effective operation of the accreditation process.  

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