The ACCET Accreditation Management System (“AMS”) is a platform that provides ACCET staff, ACCET commissioners, volunteers, and most importantly, institutions with online access to managing their entire accreditation life-cycle electronically.

ACCET is very excited about the launch of AMS and sees it as a great leap forward not only in our technology, but in our efficiency as an organization and our ability to communicate clearly and effectively with current and prospective ACCET-accredited institutions, as well as all the constituencies we serve.

The initial launch of the AMS platform at the 2010 Annual Conference includes features focused specifically on the Spring 2011 re-accreditation process and ASER completion, as well as institutions with approved inquiries pursuing initial accreditation. New features will be added on an ongoing basis for the next 6 months to gradually bring more and more of our documents, processes, and workflows online. The list below reflects the current AMS feature list. We’ll update this list as new features become available. If you don’t see a feature listed here that relates to an ACCET document or process, you may continue to complete the offline documents and forms as stipulated in the ACCET standards and policy documents.

To assist our institutions in the transition, ACCET is offering a series of free webinars on how to use the various features of AMS.

Current Feature List

  • Core Admin Functions
  • Core e-commerce Functions
  • Core Message Center Functions
  • Data Migration
  • Initial Inquiries
  • Initial Accreditation Application (Doc 4)
  • Reaccreditation Application (Doc 4)
  • ASER (Doc 3)
  • Site Visit Request (Doc 8 series)
  • Completion & Placement – Phase 1 (Doc 28.1 support on the ASER)
  • Change of Ownership – Phase 1 (Upload, to support ASER ownership requirement)
  • Team Report Review & Response
  • Annual Reporting – Enrollment Statistics (Doc 12.b)