Team Evaluator Workshop

ACCET Team Evaluator Workshop

Our next Team Evaluator Workshop takes place on April 25, 2017.

This is a special edition of the famous ACCET Team Evaluator Workshop.  What’s so special?  Now that you asked… We’re looking for folks to help us evaluate vocational and Intensive English programs for a wide variety of upcoming on-site reviews. So, if you’re a school owner, director, director of education, department head, or instructor, we would love to have you attend the workshop.  We are particularly interested in content specialists and school owners/directors.

Why attend? Well, because team visits are fun. They are a chance to share great ideas with other great schools. A chance to give back to the peer review process that you have benefited from. A chance to make a difference for another school that will learn from you and you from them. A chance to make us all better for the benefit of students and their future employers. A chance for your school to be even better prepared for your next accreditation visit.

When? Tuesday, April 25, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Where? ACCET Office, 1722 N St NW, Washington DC, 20036 (Wear walking shoes!  We will be working most of the day down the street at the Beacon Hotel.
How Much? FREE. Breakfast and lunch provided.
Conditions: Registration is capped at 30 participants. Please no more than two registrants per institution. If you sign up, you gotta show up!

Based on anticipated need, we are giving priority to content specialists and school owners/directors.

How much fun will we have? Lots!

  • This is a full day of ‘hands-on’ practice to simulate what volunteers do on a real visit. Registrants will receive a team packet with resource materials to review beforehand.
  • Learn from the best! Charlie Matterson, Donna Hutchison, George Carter, Carol Buchanan, Scott Faulstick, and Megan Ackerman-Yost.
  • Participants will work in teams to interview school personnel, review documentation, receive feedback, and prepare short write-ups of pertinent facts, strengths and weaknesses.

Kindly note that we have very limited space. Participants *must* be from ACCET accredited schools.

If you have attended a Team Evaluator Workshop in the last three years, please allow us to use the slots for other schools. Thank you for understanding!

Staff will screen the registration list to insure we have a balance of content areas represented, and advise candidates within two business days if they are accepted or wait-listed. Please do not book travel until we confirm your registration.

To sign yourself up, or up to two members of your school team, please see below:

For allied health programs, register here.

For computer programs, register here.

For trades (electrical and HVAC), register here.

Everyone else, register here!

Questions? E-mail or call:

John Shaheen
202-955-1113, ext. 102